Mar 13 2018

Mobile Phone Games: Play Smart

From the very start, mobile phone users have been fascinated by playing phone games. Even in the earliest days, the primitive in-phone games had the ability to command our attention and also ignite our competitive spirit. Fast-forward to today, and smartphones with internet connectivity have put a whole world of games at our fingertips.

One great feature of the new breed of online phone games is the ability to compete with both friends and strangers in real time. The old favourite board game, Scrabble, has reinvented itself for the virtual world, with competitive versions such as Words with Friends creating possibilities for fun, healthy and brain-stimulating games. Score the highest points and tease your friends about it. Another popular game is chess, which could have been made for the digital platform.

For those of us who like to try our luck and play for stakes a little higher than just beating our friends, there are plenty of mobile-compatible online poker games available on the market. Playing casino games like poker on mobile can be even better than on a PC. For one, you can do it from anywhere, but there is also the added advantage of the touch-screen, which makes playing so much more instinctive. Mobile players will also receive notifications, so there’s no reason to miss out on any special offers.

For those of us who didn’t grow up with smartphones, all these new games can seem like they aren’t for us. Aside from casino games, which are simply online versions of games that have been around for aeons, there are also plenty of versions of our old classic arcade games in mobile phone versions. Get nostalgic with Tetris, enjoy the retro graphics of Minecraft, and go right back to your childhood with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Mar 2 2018

Know Your Opponent: Poker Labels

If you’ve moved on from casual online poker games, or nights with your friend round the baize, it’s probably time to start learning how to appraise your fellow players. Being aware of styles of play and personalities can help you to decide how to respond. A smart player knows that it’s not just the cards that will help you win, but a canny judgment of who you’re playing against.

Amateur vs Professional

One of the basic assessments of your colleagues at the poker table is just how professional they are. This is not simply a matter of how experienced a player is, but of their behaviour during a game. A player with less experience can still act in a more responsible and mature fashion than someone who has many more years of practice under their belt.

Loose vs Tight

Players tend to either play a range of hands, in which case they can be labelled as loose-style contestants. Conversely, a tight player will stick to a narrow range and only play what they consider to be a strong hand. It is, therefore, less predictable to play a loose player. If you are sure that an opponent is a tight player, pay attention when they are confident, as it may well be backed up with some good cards.

Aggressive vs Passive

The general difference between these two styles can be compared to a football team. An aggressive player will be on the attack, taking risks and raising often. A passive player is like a defensive team, protecting what they have and calling or check more often.

Putting it all together, a player can be a combination of these three factors. A professional, loose-passive player, for example, will keep their cool at all times and play a lot of hands, but will not bet or raise so much. Being aware of the style will help you to understand what they are thinking, and what kind of hand they may have.