Nov 9 2017

How to know if an Online Casino is Safe

With so many online casinos, the choice can be overwhelming. This can be a good thing, but it is also bad as it can be hard for newcomers to know which sites can be trusted and which cannot. As with all things, there are unscrupulous sites out there just waiting to take the money of the unsuspecting player. Below are just a few of the things to look for when checking out a new casino.

Are They Licensed?

This is the first thing that should always be checked. Licenses come from the governing authorities where the casino is registered. To get a license, casinos must undergo rigorous checks and then adhere to strict rules and regulations. These regulations help to protect players in the event of missing money and other potential money loss scams. These licenses should be prominently displayed on the casino website and be able to be checked by the player to ensure authenticity.

The Games

In addition to the licenses, it is important to check that the casino follows the rules of gaming fairness. Having a license usually ensures this, but a number of casinos will go above and beyond to prove that this is the case. Many sites will display audits done by third party companies that show the gaming software is unbiased in any way. It is also worth noting that the software providers used by a casino will also indicate security. Companies such as NetEnt are known for their gaming fairness, and as they produce a lot of games such as slots, blackjack, roulette and live games, it can be worth finding a casino that uses their work.

Payment Providers

Other areas to look at are the monetary providers. Again, if the casino is using companies such as PayPal, known for their safe and secure transactions, it can go a long way to ensuring peace of mind in the player.